The Ecovillage Movement

The Ecovillage Movement

The ecovillage and sustainable communities movements represent one of the most powerful, leading-edge visions for a sustainable, positive, and fulfilling future for humanity.

The movement includes many types of innovative “communities-of-intent” based on common purpose and context – whether they are geographically based or not, whether urban or rural, large or small,  whether based on faith or cause or belief, or brought together by lifestyle or culture.

The power of the movement lies in it’s grassroots nature combined with global networking, awareness and influence including official NGO status with the United Nations.  Sourced from the on-the-ground practicality of it’s people – these grassroots communities and initiatives are experimenting with and developing new and leading-edge ways of living on the Earth and with each other in a sustainable and regenerative way.  They do this while integrating solutions in the context of whole systems design- across all aspects of sustainability – ecological, economic, political and social – in the context of the crucible of a definable community.

The ecovillage vision is much more than just a formula for a human settlement.  It is a vision for a solving many of humanity’s problems at their root.  By developing and then cross-pollinating leading-edge practices, ecovillages become research and demonstration sites for their larger local communities.

This whole system design integration and community context lends itself to being replicated in other communities and projects of all types.  This is where VillageLab provides its leverage and value.