Humanity Evolving!

Global Context – Global Challenge

Humanity has entered a time of profound change – a time where we are both pushed and pulled to evolve as a species. 

On the one hand we are compelled to evolve by a convergence of ecological, economic and social crisis that together could threaten our very survival.  On the other hand, we are beckoned to respond to an inner drive to better ourselves – to become all we can be – to fully express our passion, our ingenuity, and our creative potential.  These convergent crisis and this drive to evolve represent a time of dangerous opportunity – what some call The Great Transition or the Great Turning. During this crucial time for Humanity the choices we make now will determine the very fabric of our society for long into the future.

Will we rise to meet the fullness of this opportunity?

We believe we will.   Why?

Because two very powerful positive trends are also converging.  One is the awakening of a higher consciousness – a higher level of awareness for Humanity.  People from all walks of life are embracing new ways of perceiving the world, new holistic ways of thinking and relating – new ways of organizing, of working and playing together. These changes embody new forms of collective intelligence and shared wisdom.  We are evolving from the age of the individual to the age of synergy and co-creation – to the age of cooperation.

The other trend is the development of powerful tools that greatly expand our capacity for communication, expression and collaboration – that support a quantum increase in our collective awareness as a species. The internet has provided us with a global nervous system. Combined with this power are new processes and tools for group cooperation, conflict resolution, collective decision making and collective action that together represent a new human operating system – the language of co-creation.

How is the awakening of consciousness expressing itself?

As the age of the cooperation is born we are seeing a new level of sophistication of the grassrootsspecifically with the emergence of small groups that are utilizing this new consicousness and these new tools and processes for highly effective group alignment and action.  They are from all walks of life – groups of many types – that are stepping up to meet the challenges facing humanity and actively exploring the new frontiers of this awakening.  These groups are “communities of intent”.  They come together with common purpose to learn and grow together, to solve problems, to explore new ways of being and doing.

It is with the groups – these “communities of intent” that we believe the key to the future lies.

What defines these groups and who are they?  Our story continues on the next page.