What is VillageLab?

VillageLab is based on the premise that the existing and emerging sustainable and regenerative communities movements represent one of the greatest sources of wealth on the Planet.

VillageLab is a “collaborative distributed laboratory”.  In essence it’s a lab with sites all over the world working with the existing networks of “communities of intent” including ecovillages, transition town networks, intentional communities, eco-city projects, community resilience projects, permaculture projects, etc.

VillageLab is project based.  Our prime purpose is to develop leading-edge practices in ecovillages and other sustainable and regenerative communities through the support and generation of a systematic framework of research, development and demonstration projects within ecovillages.

VillageLab is a way to affect change where it matterson the ground in existing communities of innovation.

VillageLab functions similar to a foundation’s grant-making board – with a targeted framework of innovation determined by collaborative Guild Boards in all aspects of sustainability – Ecological, Economic and Social.

VillageLab’s Guild Boards direct both targeted and open-solicitation grants that harvest, process and redistribute knowledge and leading-edge practices to and from the network.

VillageLab is akin to a community development corporation for ecovillages and others communities in the sustainable and regenerative communities movement.

VillageLab is also a crowdfunding platform – though we like to refer to it as a “value-added collective funding community”.  Projects eligible for funding are vetted like they would be in any normal granting foundation – and offered much more than just money – all types of wealth – like they would be in a business incubator.

VillageLab’s wealth flows are two-way – we connect our donors to the world of sustainable and regenerative communities.  We are here to establish two-way flows of wealth amongst participants.  We seek true funding partners – not just donors.