Who Benefits and How?

Who Benefits  &  What do they Receive?

  • Local Communities  receive Funding, Resources, Incubation and Training
  • Ecovillages, Intentional Communities & Transition Towns  receive  Professional Consulting, Guidance & Services and an RD&D Framework, Standards, and Metrics
  • Philanthropists & Donors  receive  Due Diligence, Relationship and Community
  • Researchers, Teachers, Students & Education Programs  receive  Prime Educational Program Venues
  • The Earth & Our Future  receive  the Next Generation in Leading-edge Practices



1)  On-the-ground, cutting-edge sustainability projects centered in local communities receive resource support including funding, in-kind donations, incubation services, interns, resource networking, training and consulting.

2) Ecovillages, intentional communities, transition town groups and local sustainability projects receive this support facilitated by a systematic research, development and demonstration framework in sustainability and thrivability best practices utilizing state-of-the-art sustainability standards, metrics and indicators.

3) Philanthropists and donors benefit from the due-diligence assurance that their funds and other contributions are channeled in the best possible way via this systematic research framework coupled with the ongoing incubation and support services provided to the projects throughout their life cycle.

They also receive access to direct relationships with ecovillages, intentional communities and projects through an active exchange program that builds community, meets donors’ true holistic needs, and cross-pollinates culturally creative circles.

4) Students, interns, teacher, researchers and ecovillage education programs benefit from prime opportunities to study and develop cutting-edge best practices in sustainability and thrivability while contributing to actual on-the-ground projects.

5)  The world benefits from the next generation in integrated best practices in sustainability and thrivability developed and demonstrated in local communities and model intentional communities and ecovillages.