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Our initial goal is $64,000 by September 1st, 2014 so we are asking all our generous friends for support.

Together we can launch this crucial vessel for manifesting cutting-edge projects grounded in local community.

Will you donate $50, $100, $1000? now. More?  We are able and ready to transform your gift into meaningful action.

All donations are tax deductible through our Fiscal Sponsor – The Ecovillage Network of the Americas.

And perhaps you know someone else that would also be willing to give.  If so feel free to invite them – or send us their email or phone to this email address.

Other Ways to Donate:

Wish List

  • Not-for-Profit Start-up & Management Consultation
  • Legal Counsel – Non-Profits & Foundation Law
  • Graphic Facilitator(s) & Graphic Design
  • Interns (for database development, community outreach, project research etc.)
  • Frequent Flyer Miles
  • Macintosh Laptops & iPad
  • Mac Laptop
  • Database architect

Are you a community?  Do you want to support our vision? Invest in the movement?  Contact us
Networking & Resources

Do you know colleagues that you think would be prime allies for the Lab?  Do you know  philanthropists who are seeking a deeper relationship with – and deeper meaning from -the projects they fund?  Please have them contact us.   THANK YOU!