Organizational Development Team

Jeff ClearwaterJefflookingup

Jeff Clearwater has enjoyed a 35 year career in the field of community innovation, appropriate technology, business start-ups, not-for-profit development, and new paradigm economics. Jeff has served on 7 NGO Boards and founded 5 successful renewable energy and appropriate technology businesses as entrepreneur, engineer, designer, contractor, consultant, advocate, and teacher.

Jeff has provided consulting, design and installation of solar, wind, microhydro, micro-grids, integrated systems, water and waste systems, and electric vehicles for businesses, governments and organizations all over the world from North America to Europe, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico.  Jeff consulted with the Governments of Nepal and Sri Lanka on their renewable energy plans, was instrumental in the electric vehicle movement, and helped bring the electric taxi to Nepal where now over 800 roam the streets.  Jeff still offers consulting in village scale renewable energy system design including solar, microhydro and whole systems design at Village Power Design.

Jeff helped found the Ecovillage Network of the Americas serving as Council member, and appropriate technology consultant and was Ecovillage Office Director at Sirius Ecovillage for 6 years. Jeff also was a co-founder of Living Routes – Study Abroad in Sustainable Communities.  Jeff now provides consulting in Ecovillage Design integrating his understanding of technology, social architecture, permaculture, and a new paradigm in economics.

Jeff’s real passion is in the prospects for sacred economics and his work now is devoted to developing the language and understanding needed to bring that forward and applying it to the sustainable communities movement through VillageLab.  Jeff offers a workshop called Economics as a Path of the Heart and is a student of Metacurrency and Collective Intelligence.  Jeff’s blog can be found at The Visionary Commons.

Ferananda IbarraFerananda pic10

Ferananda is co-founder of The Collective Intelligence Research Institute (CIRI), and is internationally recognized in the fields of collective intelligence and the next economy.

The center of her work is conscious evolution of social systems, new social DNA and the processes and tools that support it.  Ferananda facilitates collective process for NGO’s in Europe, Mexico and the United States and consults in intentional community design using an integral theory model she co-developed.

She is an essential part of the development team for the and collaborates with the Metacurrency Project in the development of the technological infrastructures and the DNA for the next economy.

Seeding and nurturing the social soil she supports organizations and communities to become healthy living organisms by the means of right relationship in between people, wealth and planet. She is committed to bring consciousness into manifested form by following her bliss and the full expression of her capacities in the realms of the next economies, integral practices, collective intelligence and community living.

Karl Steyaert

Karl is a cultural catalyst and visionary, passionate about co-creating communities and learning experiences that contribute to peace, justice, and sustainability. With over 20 years of experience teaching and facilitating groups, he has helped catalyze transformational learning in settings ranging from university classrooms and corporate boardrooms, to ecovillages and urban gardens.

Since 1998, Karl has directed, designed and taught university courses and learning communities interweaving the themes of sustainability, community, and consciousness, through the University of Michigan, Living Routes, the Findhorn Community in Scotland, and Auroville ecovillage in India. Also, as a Certified Trainer in Nonviolent Communication (NVC) he has led trainings in conflict resolution and communication for corporate, non-profit, and intentional community clients in North America, Europe, and Asia. In addition, he facilitates Restorative Circles, a community-based approach to restorative justice.

Beyond his academic training in Anthropology (BA, Dartmouth College; MA, U of Michigan) and Environmental Policy (MS, U of Michigan), Karl has also spent years dedicated to the study and teaching of aikido (a nonviolent Japanese martial art), Buddhist meditation, yoga, sustainable community design, and integral theory. While he works nationally and globally, Karl is currently based in the Pacific Northwest, facilitating community building, teaching courses, doing organizational consulting, facilitating groups, and coaching individuals.

Giovanni Ciarlo

Giovanni Ciarlo is past-president of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) Board of Directors and cofounder of the Ecoaldea Huehuecoyotl in Tepoztlan, Mexico, an ecovillage based on principles of sustainability through the arts and ecology. He is a founding member of Ecovillage Network of the Americas (ENA).

Giovanni is an educator, sustainability consultant, musician, and change agent. He is a faculty member of the Sustainable Businesses and Communities MA program at Goddard College where he advises MA students on their self directed plan of studies in sustainable human systems. He also works on the Ecovillage Design Education team of Gaia Education, and is in charge of educational product and curriculum development. He is the Coordinator of the Gaia Education Design for Sustainability (GEDS) and lead instructor for the Social Dimension of Design for its online course at the Open University of Catalunya, in Barcelona Spain. He is providing oversight for the work to align Community Sustainability Assesment format and indicators with current educational curriculum.

Giovanni has facilitated group work for community organizations, artists cooperatives, schools, students of all ages, graduate students, and international NGOs. His work emphasizes team building, group decision-making, diversity, deep democracy, social justice, and environmental and business responsibility. He values a patient, well-organized approach, attention to diversity, and systemic understanding of issues leading to innovative and practical solutions while creating a space of inclusion. He publishes regularly in Communities Magazine and other periodicals. Additionally he is a musician and songwriter with the group he cofounded in 1989 in the northeast USA, Sirius Coyote, performing original and traditional Latin American music and has recorded three CDs of their original music and songs. As an artist he has pioneered Arts in Education programs that focus on cultural diversity, youth self esteem, and global environmental awareness.